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Reputation Managment

reputation-managment-dallasAt chakery, we can help you reclaim your online reputation through our reputation management services. We can push down unattractive search engine results, generate new and positive content and revamp your entire Internet presence. Whether your business, your brand or you personally need reputation management services, chakery can help. As a client of chakery, you are guaranteed 100% effort concerning the reclamation of your online presence. The methods that we use have been tested and proven to work for the recovery of Internet reputation and identity. How do they work exactly?

Your online presence is made up of reviews, blogs, social media sites, rival websites (for businesses), press releases and forums. There are three simple actions that chakery will take to restore your presence in these spaces.

Information Removal and Suppression
An online reputation can be tainted by incorrect or undesirable content that is posted on the Internet. Victims of Internet defamation or slander know that it can be difficult to overcome the web of information that is posted online. Chakery will help supress search engine results with the creation of new results. This will bump negative reviews, blog posts, and other slanderous pages lower on the search engine results page, advancing the more popular first page with positive content.

While it can never be guaranteed that negative content can be removed, the professionals on our team will work hard on your behalf to attempt to push down unattractive search engine results, reviews, social media posts, etc. Our team has experience dealing with defamation sites like,,, and others.

Online Presence Creation
Using search engine optimization (SEO), chakery can create a significant social media and other online presence for you, your brand or your business. These positive websites will consume your search engine results, allowing you to reclaim your online reputation. Our team uses big name websites like LinkedIn, WordPress, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook as well as many others to dominate search results, as those are the sites that commonly show up first in an online search.

Chakery will optimize your personal web content through meaningful content marketing. Content Marketing on highly visible websites helps dominate big search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing.

For your business, chakery can help obtain and generate positive reviews. Business reviews are the most read piece of marketing for businesses. We will work with big name review sites to improve reviews by utilizing current clients positive reviews. Our team will work to publish press releases to promote and advertise your business.

Privacy Protection
Once chakery’s highly confidential repair services are complete, we will offer monitoring services to ensure the job is done. These services include actively monitoring Internet buzz about you, your brand or business to alert you of any issues as soon as they occur. This will help you be able to defend smear campaigns and avoid repeat offenses.

Whether you’re looking for a job, selling something, applying for school, trying to get a client or creating a business, chakery has all of the reputation management services you need.